Variety Store Productions
Production and Post-Production Policies


Payment Policy:

Production payment is due after the production is completed the day of unless otherwise agreed upon.
Post-Production payment is due after the editing is completed the day of unless otherwise agreed upon.
Payment is accepted through: Cheque, Email Money Transfer, Cash or Pay Pal.


Production Policy:
The start time of a project begins when the prodution crew arrives at the specified time agreed upon. The finished time ends when specified by the person in charge.


Video editing Policy:
3 hour editing time minimum is required when booking. Video editing after the 3 hours is billable in half hour increments. Video editing is $35 per hour or a flat rate.


Log & Transfer Storage Policy:
Once the footage is digitized the project is now ready to be edited. We offer a 7 day free storage period per project once the video is on our hard drives.
If no activity has been specified on the project within 7 days, a $30 per week storage charge will be applied. An active project that we are editing is stored at no charge until the project is completed.


Video Confirmation Policy:
From the time an edited video is sent to the client, it is the clients responsibility to reply via confirmation email, text or phone call within 3 days for any revisions or adjustments if needed. Additional editing is $35 per hour plus hst.

After 7 days if no response is received from the video sent then the project is considered completed. Full payment is required at that time.

After full payment is received for the finished project a final email confirmation will be sent with the invoice to the client. The notice will specify that the project will then be deleted after another 7 days unless other arrangements have been made.


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